Sutomore is famous for its two kilometers long sandy beach,
although it has two smaller beaches that are equally popular.If you decide to make a trip, you are expecting a pleasant surprise, because in the vicinity

of Sutomore you can visit several excellent spacious beaches – Čanj, Buljarica, Šušanjska plaža … or see a couple of historical and tourist sights. Like over two thousand years old olive tree near Bar – one of three such olives in Europe.

Sutomore is perfectly connected with the rest of the world. It is easy to get to Sutomore by bus through the Sozina tunnel or by the Adriatic highway, by rail – rail Belgrade – Bar railway, by boat via Bar Harbor and by plane via one of two Montenegrin airports Podgorica or Tivat, which are less than an hour away from a pleasant ride.

In the vicinity there are other tourist places of the Montenegrin coast: Bar – 7 km; Petrovac – 9 km; Budva – 32 km; Podgorica – 50 km.